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The Electrical Safety Council [ESC] are a charity dedicated to promoting a responsible approach to dealing with electrics in the home or business. They have placed on their website, tips and information about how to keep you and your family safe, and your home in one piece this Christmas. A list of simple measures includes precautions and checks which are advisable regarding the use of fairy lights.


Christmas is a time when there is a rise in electrical accidents, with 70 people per year killed and 1.2 million injured as a result. According to the ESC, there are 13 million homes in the UK that do not have a Residual Current Device [RCD]. These are life saving devices which automatically switch off the electricity current in the event of a fault. Homeowners are advised to have one of these RCD’s fitted in the home all year round and especially at Christmas time.

Guidelines on fairy lights produced by the ESC say that people should:-



  • carefully read and follow the fairy light manufacturers instructions
  • check that the lights are not damaged or have any loose wires.
  • ensure that any replacement bulbs are the same kind and rating as bulbs supplied with the lights.
  • make sure that any outdoor lights are connected using a 30mA RCD protected socket.
  • prevent overheating by immediately replacing failed lamps.
  • ensure that transformers and plugs are plugged into an indoor socket [even with outdoor lighting].
  • make a habit of switching off and unplugging the lights before going to bed or going out.
  • be careful not to place lights near decorations or anything else flammable.



  • use lights outdoors unless specially designed for that purpose.
  • connect together seperate sets of lights.
  • allow lights to remain in the packaging when connected.
  • insert or remove lamps while the lights are connected to the supply.
  • overload sockets and try not to use adapters or extension leads.
  • allow children or pets to play with or tamper with Christmas lights.
  • try to repair faulty or broken lights yourself – replace them.
  • use lights that are faulty or damaged.


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